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License and Permit Bonds are typically required by states, cities or counties as a prerequisite to applying for a contractors license.  The bond guarantees to the state or municipality that the licensee will comply with all laws and regulations related to that professional license.

A bond is not insurance.  Insurance covers accidents, whereas a bond is a third party guarantee.

Most license bonds can be issued instantly without a credit check.  For license bonds in AZ, CA, OR, WA or bonds over $15,000 credit approval will be required (using soft credit pulls only).

Our database has bonds from every state, county and city in the country, making the application process quick and easy.

To expedite your quote, please have the following information ready:

  • Date Business Started
  • License or Application Number (if applicable)
  • Name of City, State or County Requiring Bond
  • Bond Amount Required
  • SSN/DOB of Owner(s) (only required for CA, OR, WA and Bonds over 15K)
  • Description of Your Business

Let's get your license bond compliant so you can get to work.  Get a quote for a license or permit bond today!