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Risk of accidents at work

Good employees are your company's number one asset, but they can also be your biggest liability.  Employees will inevitably get hurt on the job, especially insurance construction industry.  When that happens the employer is responsible to cover medical bills and compensate the employee financially for time off work while they recover.

In addition to being a vital part of your company's insurance profile, most states require that you carry workers compensation insurance.

Due to the high risk of injury to construction employees, workers compensation can end up being one of your company's largest expenses.  It is important to shop your coverage annually. With access to over 100 workers compensation carriers, Orr & Associates is able to find you the best rates, year after year.  In addition to tradition workers comp plans, we can show you options that bundle your insurance with payroll and HR services and pay as you go plans. Our expert agents can ease you through the application process, help you order loss runs, and clean up any prior audits you may have.

For expedited applications, please have the following information ready:

  • Federal Employer Identification Number
  • Prior policy history including policy numbers and effective dates
  • Loss Runs (We can help with this.)
  • Names and ownership percentage for all owners, officers, partners or members.
  • Estimate of all employee payroll for the next 12 months.

Call us today for a quote and find out how much you can be saving on workers compensation.